Nothing I say is the Truth?

Hi there!

I wanted to take the opportunity with this first post to tell you about myself and my vision for this blog.  My name is Nathan Michael Black and I have a lot to say.  Actually, I want to listen a lot too.

I want to practice sharing my views in way that is an offering instead of an edict.  I want to confront/consider/evaluate/dismiss/honor/etc., the views that we all have that we don’t normally relate to as views.

Those things that we consider Truth.  The unquestioned context that we assume is correct and universal.  The unexamined views of the person on the other side of the conversation.

I will be irreverent.  I may be arrogant.  I will be curious.  I’m certain I’ll be righteous.  I will be loving.  I will be foolish.

Mostly, I just want to be authentic.

I want to be authentic and I want to honor what I believe deeply about God and people.

I am conscious enough to know that I don’t know what the “right” thing to believe is or even if there is a “right” thing to believe.  I’m arrogant enough to say that, for today, I believe that God is simply Love.  Anything that isn’t consistent with Love isn’t consistent with my view of God.  I’ll definitely write more about my beliefs, but my main point here is that I believe in Love and I want my actions to be consistent with Love.  I know I’ll fail.  And I’ll clean it up when I do.  And I will Love again.

All of that said, I really want you to read/hear my words in a unique way.  I invite you to consider my words as though they are not the Truth (capital “T”), but are actually a possible view.  One of many.  A view that isn’t more right or wrong than any other view.  You’ll want to remember this especially if I say, “no really, THIS is the Truth.”

My first pastor at Metropolitan Community Church of Austin, Rev. Elder Ken Martin, often included this quote is his sermons and I offer it to you now:

“Re-examine all that you have been told… dismiss that which insults your soul.” – Walt Whitman

My hope is that I will expand my capacity to relate to life/love/spirituality/politics/etc. with the awareness that my default view is not the Truth AND that I may find something beautiful, inspiring, fun, or even life-changing by considering or even creating a different view.  My hope is that you will find yourself growing in this capacity as well.

THANKYOU for being on this journey with me!

Much love,

Nathan Michael Black

“Eye” by M.C. Escher


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