by Nathan Michael Black

Burn the idols you have constructed to the ground.
Any idol that says you are not worthy of full inclusion in the human experience and in the family of God.
Any idol that tempts you to fear others who are different with the promise of your superiority.
Any idol that accuses you of being less than beautiful, holy, worthy, and good.
Any idol that leads you into silence when others are suffering.

Burn the idols down.
Especially the familiar ones.
The ones that look like faith, but spread fear.
The ones that look like God, but preach your destruction.

When the idols have been turned to ash, you will discover that what is holy is in the fire, it is in you, it is you.
You will know yourself as powerful and wise enough to discover and choose an authentic faith.
You will find a God closer than your breath, a Love greater than any fear.


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