How To Be A White Ally

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Black Millennials

In Ferguson, a sizable collective of white allies joined in for mass demonstrations against police brutality. The nature of this burgeoning movement is unapologetically pro-Black; all involved understand that Black and Brown bodies are victimized by state-sanctioned violence.

However, the philosophy of white allyship is fractured. Some white allies grasp the roots of anti-racism more so than others.

Jamie Utt, a white educator and writer for Everyday Feminism, is one who does. In a deeply personal conversation with him, we explored white identity and how it fits into the pro-Black politic. Utt is exceptionally educated in white privilege and structural racism; and while he comprehends the complexities of race relations, he knows that his privilege as a cis-gendered white male is a benefit of longstanding racial tension.

Utt is a fantastic example of how to be a white ally. He educated himself about racism; he does not rely on or expect Black…

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