New Year’s Eve Resolutions: Training for a Miraculous Life

It’s amazing that we put so much collective energy into the idea of a “new year, new me!” where we give ourselves permission to be complete with the past, all its successes and failures, and we dare to create a public and bold new future with our New Years Eve resolutions.

It gives us LIFE!  We begin to believe that something new for us is maybe possible!  We are excited, hopeful and eager to prove that we can fulfill on our new possibilities for being and living on that first day.

And then January 2nd comes around.  A little possibility seems to have slipped away.  By the middle of January, it becomes clear that the ship is sinking and only an intervention will help you succeed.

And then you don’t.

And the possibility evaporates into the wind… only to come back later in the year as 100lb weights, reminding you of failures and disappointments.

It’s a rough cycle, isn’t it?  It turns us into bitter cynics or we lose total confidence in ourselves.  And all we can do is wait until the next New Year’s Eve where maybe we will have the courage to forgive ourselves of our failures and dare to hope again for a New Year filled with possibility and accomplishment.

What if we didn’t have to wait?  What if the opportunity of New Years Eve was to train ourselves and our community in what it takes to transform our lives?

What if we regularly started practicing the process of assessing our successes and failures, declaring all of it complete, and daring to create a new way to be or a new dream to fulfill?

We could do this MONTHLY!  What?!? That would be amazing!

What about weekly??? OMG!  Can you imagine the freedom we’d have to live life fully and without regret?!?!

We could maybe even do it daily… to go sleep each night at peace with the way we were in the world and creating new, exciting ways to be for tomorrow.  What would that life be like?

You are not a fixed object.  There is no “way” that you are destined(doomed) to be.  You could be any way, any possibility that you want to be.  What you are is who you say you will be in the matter of your life.  You give your word to life and you play full out to fulfill that word, exercising your divine gift of creativity, creation and completion.

You in?

love you,

*Jan 01 - 00:05*

The party starts in Times Square for New Years Eve 2010 celebration as thousands of tourists torture their own lives for this one special night. Original Filename: Taggart_182.JPG


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