We are DONE with the Anti-Gay Perversion of the Christian Faith

The anti-gay Benham brothers shared a statement on Orlando that included the words, “We as Christians believe homosexuality is wrong.”



First of all, fuck you. Fuck your fucking arrogance that you think you have the fucking right to interject your fucked up morality and self(mutually?)-inflated certainty of your own righteousness while pretending to offer words of compassion. FUCK you.

Second, your “we as Christians” bullshit is propaganda. It is a lie. You do NOT speak for all Christians. At best, you speak for a quickly shriveling poisonous breed of the worst of people who pretend to follow Christ. In case you haven’t noticed, there are hundreds and hundreds of Queer Christian pastors, there are hundreds more pastors who are Queer Affirming Christians. And there are millions of Queer Christians, our families, our friends, our allies who are also Christians and who denounce the perversion of faith that you stew in.

We are DONE with this breed of perversion. We are shaking your filth and dust off our feet and turning you over to God. We want nothing from you. We don’t want your acceptance. We don’t want your tolerance. We don’t want your respect. Nothing. If we want to get the opinion of someone possessed by demons of ignorance and fear, we’ll let you know.


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