What I Whisper To You When You Sleep

My love is a well unto itself that runs dry
only when it is not being poured out

My love will be the air you swim in
It will be the water you play in

You are free to be all of you
Loving, sensual, dedicated, playful
Depressed, overwhelmed, bored, uncertain
Simply to be

I will not take my love away
if you let me down
if you embarrass me
if you sleep with other people
if you can’t find work
if you don’t feel good about your body
if you get sick

I will not take my love away
if you become a Senator
if you get a star on the walk of fame
if you turn your body into the body of a god
if every eye turns your way
if the universe rolls out the golden carpet for you
if you operate in the fullest of your divinity

Our bodies may entangle with others
Our hearts may grow to love new hearts
Yet we remain
As one
For each other
For our highest good
For love.



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